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Plate Heat Exchangers

Allcool London offer project based installations, planned preventative maintenance and breakdown services that cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical services including Plate Heat Exchangers.

What do we Offer?

We carryout maintenance and installation to a number of different plate heat exchangers including Plate and frame, brazed plate, plate in shell and steam to water.

Services offered:

  • • Re-Gasketing
  • • Cleaning
  • • Crack Testing
  • • Service exchange plate packs
  • • Associated valves and controls

Skid mounted Package Plate Heat Exchanger systems

What are they ?

Instantaneous water heaters to supply hot water to be used in hand/wash basins, baths, showers and anywhere else that needs a constant supply of hot water.

How do they work ?

They transfer the heat (via the specifically designed heat exchanger) from your 80 deg C boiler water circuit into your domestic water circuit. The temperature of your hot water is continually and accurately monitored by the electronic Temperature Controller which is connected to a motorised modulating valve. If the demand goes up – the heat exchanger output increases. If the demand goes down – the heat exchanger transfers less heat. Thus the demand on your boiler matches what is actually being used. Power requirements are 240 v / 1ph.

Worried about Legionnaires ?

The Package Plate Heat Exchanger system provides a steady and constant temperature of your hot water. You do not experience the peaks and sometimes dramatic troughs of hot water temperature that are more commonly found by the use of storage cylinders on their own. As a safeguard, the system is designed to heat water to a factory temperature of 65 Deg C. if you want additional protection / assurance then as an optional extra, you can have a higher pasteurisation setting that can be programmed to take place during times when there is no demand for hot water.

Can I incorporate a Package Plate Heat Exchanger into my old system ?

Yes. These can be installed into old and new set-ups. They can be used in both vented and un-vented systems. The integral shunt pump that pushes your boiler water through the heat exchanger means that you do not have to worry about affecting the performance of your existing circulating pumps. The Package Plate Heat Exchanger looks after itself !

What are the materials in contact with the domestic hot water ?

The domestic hot water only passes through the heat exchanger. This has surgical grade AISI 316 stainless steel internals and food safe EPDM gaskets. The gaskets are W.R.A.S. approved so you can use the Package Plate Heat Exchanger system without fear of contaminating your hot water.

Where can I use a Package Plate Heat Exchanger ?

Anywhere that needs to have hot water. Such as:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Hospitals, Care and Nursing Homes
  • Office blocks, Apartment blocks and larger multiple occupancy buildings
  • Swimming pools, Leisure Centres, Amusement Parks
  • Motorway Service Stations, Train Stations and Stadiums
  • Prisons and Army Barracks

What are the features and benefits ?

  • Compact size – can fit through doorways
  • Accurate and steady control of hot water output – fast reaction to varying demand with reduced risk of bacteria building up in the pipework
  • Incorporates it’s own shunt pump which is specifically matched to the heat exchanger and control valve to give the best performance.
  • Expertly built control panel that can be tailored to meet your specific site requirements – no more having to compromise or pay for features that you may never use or want. Works with or without connecting to a Building Management System. You decide on the inputs and outputs – the choice is yours !
  • R.A.S. approved gaskets – keeps you on the right side of water regulations.
  • Easy and straight forward access to the heat transfer plates – reduces downtime by allowing parts to be serviced quicker.
  • 4 port modulating control valve – keeps your boiler ring main open even when there is no demand for heat. Hence the system does not interrupt any boiler over-run and the pipe work going to and leading from the Package System is not “dead legged”.
  • Low liquid hold up volume – avoids the need for an annual insurance inspection

Basic Specification of Standard Unit

  • High performance plate heat exchanger with removeable plates
  • WRAS approved gasket material
  • Resistant powder coated frame and pipes
  • Control system using a 4 port modulating valve for variable and accurate control of hot water temperature
  • Control panel that incorporates a fully programmable, industrial quality Temperature Controller that has Building Service Management (BMS) compatibility. The set point temperature and the actual running temperature are clearly displayed on a digital LCD screen. All control voltages are 24 volt.
  • Simple to use controls
  • BMS volt free contacts to switch on and off the panel, to enable remote display of when the unit is running and if there is a fault.
  • Overheat protection with re-set button
  • Heat Exchanger shunt pump on the primary side (single or double headed options. If a double head pump is used then an auto pump head run change-over feature on a timed basis is added as standard)
  • Skid Base frame for floor mounting


  • Secondary DHW shunt pump or Buffer Vessel transfer pump.
  • Extra BMS input and/or output contacts and switches – such as the ability to alter the control set point of the system remotely.
  • DHW temperature output using a 4-20 mA signal
  • A link to the boiler (240 volt) to switch boiler on when panel is set to operate
  • A 7 day programmable time clock if you have no BMS on site
  • A timed Pasteurisation setting/operation

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